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Speedrun Rules

Timing starts with control in North Palace. Time ends with control loss shortly after killing Dark Link (Make sure to hold right after the final hit until Link stops moving). All spells, dungeon items, hammer, magic key, magic containers, heart containers, and sword techniques must be collected. All gems must be placed.


Legacy (no gem duping) Route sketch (Detailed Route)

Healer Glitch - No Scroll Lock, wrong warp to King's Tomb
Get Hammer - Levels 3-1-2, requires 200 pbag, up+a
Trophy, Jump, Medicine, Downstab+Fairy, Magic Cave - up+a after each
P1 - Candle, Horsehead, Heart container - up+a (4-1-2)
P2 - death abuse at glove, skip basically ever enemy (5-1-2)
Healer Glitch - 1-2-1-1-1 "alt" glitch
Shield, Heart Cave, Life spell
Spectacle Rock - enter from above, fairy-feet out
Kid - don't cast fairy, need magic for Darunia
Reflect, Upstab, Maze Return, Magic Container
Boots, Raft, Carock, Rebo (6-6-4 or 7-3-3)
P5 - 3 loops - Gooma, Gem, Flute, exit palace each time
Ocean Heart, Fire spell
New Kasuto Magic Container, Spell spell, Any Key
Coast Heart
P6 - 2 loops - Barba, Cross
Thunder spell
GP - any% route