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Eco Key Introduction

Here is the room in Palace 5 where Eco Key is performed.

Eco Key screen

In casual gameplay, the intended method to get through this room is to cast Fairy spell, go up the column past the key, exit the screen to the right, then circle back and pick up the key. The Jump spell is not sufficient by itself to reach the ledge.

The Eco Key trick is the method of using the Jump spell to perform a max height jump, and then use the Skull Bubble to damage boost onto the ledge. This saves time by avoiding having to exit the screen and backtrack.

This time save by successfully executing Eco Key is approximately 13 seconds.

Eco Key Setup

The Eco Key trick is fairly precise but there is a several pixel tolerance, and it can be executed consistently.

  1. Upon entering the room, cast Jump. Avoid the first Skull Bubble.
  2. Scroll the screen until the Key, Skull Bubble, and 3 floor bricks on the top of the ledge are visible.
    Stop when you can see the 3 bricks on the top ledge.
  3. Stop and wait for the Skull Bubble to bounce off the floor, right side of the screen, and then up toward the ceiling.
    • Crouch stab twice to stop immediately and wait the proper delay. The two stabs should be slightly slower than max speed.
    • Turn backward and stop. Wait until the bubble starts traveling up to the ceiling.
    Watch the skull bubble bounce off the corner by the key.
  4. Walk to the right. When Link reaches one floor brick away from the corner, press and hold A to execute a maximum height jump.
    Perform a full height jump starting when you are 1 floor brick from the corner.
  5. Just after jumping, press and hold Left to turn backward while jumping.
    Turn back after jumping.
  6. Link's forehead will hit the Skull Bubble and get knocked back. If executed properly, Link will rebound up and land on the ledge.
    Damage boost off the Skull Bubble onto the ledge.


  • riiyak's Eco Key tutorial