2020 Hack Jam

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Zelda 2 Hack Jam - April 2020

What was the Hack Jam?

The idea is to make a Zelda 2 ROM Hack in 1 week, Game Jam style! In the spirit of a game jam, we encourage you to think small - build a single palace or make something small around a single concept or even implement some new custom assembly if you want. Don’t try to make a full scale hack in 1 week! Don’t even worry about having your hack be completable - if you change palace 1 it’s okay if that’s all that is accessible.

Submitted Hacks

  • Z2 Hackjam by riiyak
  • The Eastern Shadow by Max
  • Zelda's Alarm Clock by eon
  • Z2Good4U by sheepdog
  • Benthic King by CF207 and bentglasstube
  • Link's Car Keys by Travwhite
  • The Harrowing Escapade of Link by link_7777
  • Z2GG by gtm
  • Return to Death Mountain by megmactv

Download The Entries

The entries were submitted as .ips patches (some also included .bps patches) with an accompanying README file to give some background on the hack and what sort of scope to expect.

Download the 2020 Hack Jam entries collection