Dazzle Walk - From the Maze to Darunia

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This walk is used in most categories that get the Reflect spell.

Walk Diagram


Walk Description

  • 0 - This is the 1-up encounter tile. When you enter this tile, hold left to collect the doll (the delay from collecting the doll is important, if on FDS or not collecting the doll, do 3 standing stabs before exiting the screen) and then walk off the encounter screen. When back at the overworld, wait for the encounters to spawn and start to move. Walk up and left to make your way to 1 while avoiding the encounters - if there are no fairy spawns this should be easy to do.
  • 1 - This is where the second spawn (step counter) will spawn. We want the spawn in the grass so the spawn is further from Link. Walk left to 🡑.
  • 🡑 - From this tile, walk up one tile and then turn left to avoid the overworld spawn. Make your way left and up to 2.
  • 2 - This is where the next set of spawns happen (both the step counter and the timer spawn). Make your way up and left to 3.
  • 3 - You don’t want to go further north than this tile if you can avoid it. From here make your way down and left to 4.
  • 4 - This is where the final spawn happens, it should home in on Link. Hesitate to make sure the encounter homes in and then walk left one tile and wait for the spawn to close in.
  • 5 - This is the fixed encounter tile, walk up onto this tile as you take an encounter from the spawn at 4.
  • × - This is an alternative tile to 2. I recommend not using this tile as it causes the spawns to be one tile further to the left, increasing your chances of taking an encounter along the mountains between 3 and 4.
  • Note: The exact path you take for the Dazzle walk is not set in stone, you need to react to the spawns while still making your way to the indicated key tiles.
  • Common ways this walk fails fails
    • Fairy spawns
    • Not hesitating long enough at 0
    • Going to × instead of 2 and taking an encounter between 3 and 4
    • Missed up input on the d-pad
    • Random walk from enemies
    • Not waiting long enough for the encounter skip at 5