Parapa Cave Walk (Early Shield)

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This walk is most commonly used in the 100% All Keys, 1CC, 100% All Keys, Attack-1 Deathless, and 100% All Keys, 1CC (FDS) categories when using a route that gets the Shield spell before Palace 1. However, it can be used anytime when going from Rauru Town to Palace 1.

Walk Diagram

ParapaCaveWalk EarlyShield.png

Walk Description

  • 0 - Leave Rauru after getting Shield spell, walk directlly to 1
  • 1 - Wait here for the encounters to spawn and start to home in on Link, then walk north to 🡒
  • 🡒 - Walk right from here and make your way to 2, you should avoid the encounters
  • 2 - Parapa Cave entrance
  • Common ways for this to fail
    • Not waiting long enough at 1
    • Fairy spawn
    • Taking too long exiting the last screen of Rauru and getting random walks